Filtering assets by name or folder




So here's a long standing frustration of mine whenever I have to create lists, lead scoring models or workflow triggers. The scenario is I need to select a reasonably large group of assets (say, forms, or emails). Right now, I only have the option to choose any asset, or one specific asset. 


I have many examples of use cases for this. Let's use the one that prompted me to write this idea: I'm setting up a lead scoring rule to add points to a contact if they downloaded any resource from my client's library. That's indicated by a form submission. But not all forms are related to resources. There's plenty of other forms as well, that shouldn't be included. So I can't select any form submission. 


Instead, I'm forced to select each of these one by one and clone the box, change the form, etc. It's a huge amount of click work that takes a good few hours out of my day every time I have to make a segment like this (which happens a lot as an agency partner). See below:



My suggestion would be to add the option to select assets by name or folder that they're in. That way, I could add a token to the name of the asset, say [Resource], and use that to select all of them in 1 go.  Would be a huge time saver.