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Filtering Sequences by Name in Lists and Contact View

It would be great if we could filter Sequences by name in the Lists tool and within the Contacts view. Right now we can filter by "Enrolled in a Sequence equals [true, false]," but sometimes we want to directly target those contacts who were enrolled in a specific Sequence. 


Here's a use case: Contacts were enrolled in a Sequence that functioned as a nurture campaign. Once completed, we would like to filter those contacts by Sequence name so we can a) enroll them into an additional Marketing workflow, b) export the contacts to csv for better segmentation or analysis, c) create specific reports and/or dashboards, or d) build a filtered view under Contacts that the sales team can then use for future targeted outreach.

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Hi @ramatoG2 , I found a similar post and wanted to share it here! 

Looks like the Product team is working on allowing contacts to be filtered based on sequence enrollment!




Is there any update on this? there have been changes that allow you to use sequence properties but you still cant create lists based on specific sequences.


This would be an awesome feature! Is there any update on this or has anyone figured out a way to accomplish this?