Filter using relative date values ("TODAY" etc.)

Hi there, we really need to run filters on dates using relative terms like "today", "yesterday" etc. -- Salesforce has this ability and it's extrememly useful:


Currently, if we want to run a List around our customers who expire at some point in the future, we have to go in and change the "after date" fitler each time to update the current date. (The rolling dates filter doesn't work in this case, because the dates we're looking for are in the future and not the past.)


Hopefully this is easy to do, thanks!

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Very odd that you cannot create a rolling forecast.  I had an exchange with support and they don't quite understand that sales forecasts happen in the future.  They keep explaining that I should look at the Past 90 days for a sales forecast.  That just doesn't make any sense at all.  Is anyone looking at a forecast based on Deal close dates in the past?

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This would be REALLY helpful. Google, Bing, Facebook, LinkedIN, and more offer this feature. It would be helpful for HubSpot workflows to be able to do so.  Example: I have a field called Demo Date. I need to know if it is scheduled (meaning the date is in the past) or it has been completed (meaning the date is today or later).