Filter using relative date values ("TODAY" etc.)

Hi there, we really need to run filters on dates using relative terms like "today", "yesterday" etc. -- Salesforce has this ability and it's extrememly useful:


Currently, if we want to run a List around our customers who expire at some point in the future, we have to go in and change the "after date" fitler each time to update the current date. (The rolling dates filter doesn't work in this case, because the dates we're looking for are in the future and not the past.)


Hopefully this is easy to do, thanks!

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Have you tried using the "is more than # days from now" criteria option on your expiration date in the Lists tool? (please see screenshot)


It sounds like using "is more than 0 days from now" might get you what you're looking for.




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I have a custom field called "event date" which indicates the date we are to deliver services for an event (we are an entertainment company and we send bands, DJs etc to private events)


I get much value out of being able to filter the hard coded Event Date custom field. Ex: I want to see all Events that are Closed Won but haven't yet occured, so I filter Closed Won, and then Event Date =After Today. 


HOWEVER, If I save that filter, the Event Date converts "Today" into today's actual date. So if I come back in 1 week and open the saved filter and run it, it will show me events after the date I created the filter, not after the date I am opening the filter. 


Is there a way to make it so that the filter is always "today" as in the actual day I am running it?

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I'm surprised by the lack of this seemingly basic, fundamental feature. We could really use it to create filter views e.g. to see accounts that haven't been checked up on in more than 3 months.

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Yes, please. I need this too. Both on contact and company property. 


This simple feature alone will get my sales operations to another level!

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I completely agree this is a needed option. Especially when trying to aggregate the data into outside dashboards or vendors. Having to manually update the specific dates in cumbersome. 



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I operate an event based business and often need this feature as well.


In addition to just "today", the option to choose the number of days like: close date is between "xx days from now" through "xx days from now", which always updates according to the day I run it, would be fantastic as well!


Thanks. I'm glad I'm not alone. If someone knows a workaround, please let me know. I didn't find one in the comments that I could tell.

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"Last Contacted" is "Last 90 Days" is possible, but I need "Last Contacted" is NOT "Last 90 Days"...

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I can't believe this doesn't exist! Needed desperately

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Basic feature that HS needs to add

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It has been requested for over a year. Your competition has this. This is a basic requirement of any system like this. A programmer should be able to implement in a few hours.  What's the deal?  I keep getting told to put a suggestion in when I ask how to do something that HubSpot can't do, but should do.


How about some feedback with an implementation date, instead of sending us off to write comments in a blackhole.