Filter using relative date values ("TODAY" etc.)

Hi there, we really need to run filters on dates using relative terms like "today", "yesterday" etc. -- Salesforce has this ability and it's extrememly useful:


Currently, if we want to run a List around our customers who expire at some point in the future, we have to go in and change the "after date" fitler each time to update the current date. (The rolling dates filter doesn't work in this case, because the dates we're looking for are in the future and not the past.)


Hopefully this is easy to do, thanks!

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Apr 16, 2020

Hey HubSpot community - 

We know date filters can be a pain point for many of our users. We are currently reworking some of the "wiring" on our filters system which will set us up to be able to add consistency to our filters. Part of that will be introducing relative date filters where they are not currently available. 



Jan 9, 2019

Agreed! Additionally, when using a contact date picker property, it's possible to use the "more than/less than X days/weeks ago" filters as list criteria. However, this isn't possible right now for company date picker properties. This is a key feature for list segmentation! Thank you!

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use rolling dates for the Last Contacted date on the CRM/Sales side. This would allow me to contact a customer that I have not had contact with in the last 90 days.  

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I also think that this would be a brilliant addition. So does one of your hubspot forum moderators!

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Just switched to HS Sales and I can't understand why this isn't a thing there yet, while in Marketing it is.

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 Agreed. The obvious use case being able to filter Deals with a close date in the past

(i.e close date before "Today" with the value of Today changing dynamically not needing a manual change)

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Similarly, it would be hugely useful to use relative dates ("today", etc) to enroll contacts and companies in lists, workflows, etc. We are using Hubspot to facilitate our Product Qualified Lead (PQL) process, so this functionality will make everything much simpler.

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Same here we really need to have rolling date feature on Marketing side of Hubspot to create list. Sales side has it and it is really useful 

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I’d like Smart Lists to contain folks with “Create Date” of, day, “Last Week” I don’t have to keep manually changing the hard coded dates every week.


(and no, rolling week, “Last Seven Days” does not help me here. I want “Last week” like Filters give, please)


That’d make Smart Lists *really* Smart 🙂


This would also improve integration with Databox.





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When adding 'rolling date' as an option, please include 'more than/less than' at the same time - and make them work together! Like Jean is saying; the function is already part of Marketing, please add it to CRM/Sales as well. 


Query: List deals where 'Last Activity Date' is more than 30 days ago. 

Sales man: Thank you, HubSpot! I'll get right to it! 


And we will all be happy! 

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Totally needed !!!!

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Was surpried is was not there since it is one of the most common types reporting you want to do, set it up once with a relative date and then use the report as is hundreds/thousands of time without making somone change the date every time you want to use it.

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 Need this.  It's basic fitering for a CRM.

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Our team needs this functionality very badly! We are feeling limited without it. Please incorporate this soon. 

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 yes please - extend the 'rolling date' feature to HubSpot Sales as well!

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I agree! This would be very useful.

Specifically - I've been trying to build ways for our sales guys to filter their contacts based on date last contacted (I can sort based on that - but with 300+ assigned leads, being able to filter would be more useful). I've managed a rather painful work around - which is to build the list on the marketing side - and then make the filter on the sales side based on whether they are on the list. But it would be so much easier to have it on the sales side.

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I want to create a list that uses a date field. I want to specify "this week" so it's a rolling date, similar to what we can do with contact filters. This isn't possible; rolling date filters are only possible on lists with the page views property. This seems inconsistent to me, and also prevents the creation of lists that are based on rolling dates. In this case, I want to create a list of users who registered for our app in the current week, which I can then use for various activities, including an external data pull for reporting purposes. 

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 Yes, our team really need this too!

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Yes, it is very frustrating and limiting the usefulness of the CRM Platform, especially when you combine this with the inability to set deal properties via workflows (other than a very select few, it seems).  If I have a custom deal property (for example
"follow-up reminder date"), and I want the workflow to set that property to (for example) 10 days before an existing date property (for example "close date") I cannot do this easily.  You can imagine all sorts of powerful sales workflows that could be built if this functionality was available (send an internal email notification to Hubspot owner and assign a follow-up task 10 days before deal "Close Date", for example).   I could do this easily in Zoho CRM.

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This would be a big help for our workflow as well.

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What the heck? Why is this not an option? I need to be able to automate a reminder that lets me know when a close date is drawing near. This is stupid simple... not sure why it's not a thing yet.

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Any updates Hubspot team??