Filter using relative date values ("TODAY" etc.)

Hi there, we really need to run filters on dates using relative terms like "today", "yesterday" etc. -- Salesforce has this ability and it's extrememly useful:


Currently, if we want to run a List around our customers who expire at some point in the future, we have to go in and change the "after date" fitler each time to update the current date. (The rolling dates filter doesn't work in this case, because the dates we're looking for are in the future and not the past.)


Hopefully this is easy to do, thanks!

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@slucas looks like a bug of the forum, I get same as you on mobile but works ok on desktop. You can also search for "Date-filters: Improve Options Across all of Hubspot [Master Idea] "

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I searched for "Improve Date-filters Options Across all of Hubspot [Master Idea]" and there doesn't seem to be at topic.  Maybe it was removed?


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My current solution is using the API and setting 'My_Date_Field' to after 'INSERT DATE HERE' on a daily basis, at 1AM.

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This thread is now two years old.  We desperately need to be able to filter and/or query on "Date is Greater Than XX Days/Weeks/Months".  Can someone from HubSpot please comment?  Is this on the roadmap? 


Another solution is to allow calcuation fields.  I could create a field labled "Account Updated Days" where the record value is "=[account_updated_date]-[today}".  I could then create a report where "Accout Updated Days" is>60.

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The 'days greater than' functionality is available.


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To all people interested in getting this fixed, please Upvote the Master Idea below.
There were 15+ ideas on the forum related to date-filters, each being relatively small and describing one or two issues. That made this unlikely to be prioritized by Hubspot. In an attempt to accelerate this, we've made a complete analysis of what's missing and what Hubspot needs to develop. We created one holistic Master Idea aimed at describing the entire issue and collecting all Upvotes. Please vote on this idea now:
Date-filters: Improve Options Across all of Hubspot [Master Idea]
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Thanks Alex, I upvoted the idea you linked to.


Flabbergasted that this feature doesn't exist in HubSpot - this is incredibly limiting! We run weekly metrics out of our smartlists in Marketo, and I'm at a loss for a reasonable way to keep those going once we're fully switched over to the Marketing Hub. As it stands now, we'd have to go throw each list each week to update the "between" dates on our lists to view activity for last week - not to mention going through our comparative monthly, quarterly, and yearly reports. Who has time for that?


In addtion to YESTERDAY and TODAY, these are the options that Marketo offers (see below). We most frequently use "Last Week SS" (Sunday-Saturday).


Any word on when this will be resolved?


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Our clients need to be able to get an automated list of leads they have contacted in a given timeframe, without having to do it manually through filters.

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This can be accomplished with using two date filters and a combination of days ago and days from now but it would actually be useful that you wont need to work this out and figure out the combination - would be nice if you could select date is yesterday