Filter results in the Duplicates tool

The duplicates tool is a great addition for finding and addressing duplicates in the CRM. 

A welcome addition to it, however, would be the ability to filter the results by HubSpot properties so that users can target specific areas. 

For example:
I want to address duplicates in the CRM, but I don't want to edit contacts assigned to other users. Filtering to only see my contacts would really help get through the process when there are a lot of duplicates to sift through.

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Great idea this is something that is really needed so that this can be part of the responsibility of the contact owner.  Hopefully this will be implemented. 

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This would be really helpful! 

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Absolutely - please add this feature - I don't want to sift through everyone else's duplicates to try to find mine.

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Agree.  I am helping all sales reps trying to merge duplicates and it would be nice to see what rep is assigned to what company.  Right now, all i see is "Company 1" and Company 2"

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Would be great to also be able to manage parent/child compaines with the same tool. Right now I'm having to create my own list of companies that show on the dup list before dismissing.

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This is absolutely necessary. Please also add filtering by current customer or show customers first.

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Yes, we really need this! Also the ability to select 2 known contacts and merge them manually, when the same person fills a form twice with 2 different email addresses, or a company gets 2 entries because the automated detection lists their head office in a different country.


Agree completely, then it would be the responsibility of the contact owner to keep their records up to date, instead of a "catch all" view