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Filter record attachment by importance

Hi there ! 

Submitting this on the behalf of my customer. 

Here is the context : 

In their deals, they have a lot of attachments because when they discuss to contacts, images from their signature get added to the attachment in the record. At a certain point of the deal process, they need to store a very important document in their attatchments. However, when they want to find it back it takes a lot of time to identify it because it is in the middle of all the other attatchment coming from their contacts signature images.

So they would like to have a way to either :

- avoid having images from signatures being stored in the attachment

- be able to pin an attachment

- be able to research the name of one of the attachment


I have tried to find something about that but I couldn't find anything. Feel free to redirect this idea if it already exists


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Yes! This is vital! We upload our contracts to our deals and companies, and usually they are one of the first attachements, but after a few emails back and forth they get pushed right to the bottom and take ages to find them. I think being able to exclude images in signatures is a no brainer and also being able to pin a couple of attachments would be amazing! 


Adding my +1 to this idea!