Filter out contacts who recieved many emails

When sending multiple marketing emails some contacts risk being recipients of more emails than intended. This because some contacts fit into several lists – this also suggest that these contacts are of special interest.


To guard against flooding these contacts I suggest a filter to find the contacts that have received a certain amount of marketing emails or more during a timespan.


Currently there are a few filters that can do a part of this:

“Marketing emails” – to find contacts that have been sent one specific marketing email.

“Contact properties” - “Marketing emails delivered” – to filter on numbers of marketing emails sent to a contact.

“Contact properties” - “Last marketing email send date” – to find contacts that have been sent emails before, after or in between dates.


But using these filters I would need to create 35 different filters to find out which of my contacts that have received three or more out of the last seven marketing emails sent.


My suggestion is making it possible to select several emails under “marketing emails” filtering out contacts that have interacted with all the selected emails according to the chosen condition.

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HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Hi @GunnarRensfeldt, thanks for sharing your idea! While we don't have any concrete plans to introduce new filters like this in the short term, I might suggest taking a look at the Send Frequency Cap feature that we have in the higher tier of Marketing Hub: Granted this is part of the Enterprise tier, but I think it fits the bill for what you're looking for based on what you outlined above. If we do make progress on new filters or a more straight forward way to filter out we'll keep you posted too. I hope this helps!

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Hi Shay!


Thank you for taking the time to respond. Yes this would do the trick. May I suggest it is made available in lower tiers?


This feature would help very much when working with the inbound marketing method.




HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
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Thanks for getting back to me, @GunnarRensfeldt, your feedback has definitely been noted Smiley Happy There's a lot of decision making that goes into the tiers and pricing for each feature so while I can't say for sure if this feature will be made available in lower tiers, I can say that we're always re-evaluating how to more effectively structure the features across tiers and I've shared your feedback with a few folks on my side in case it helps in the future. Thanks again for submitting your feedback! 

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Thank you for your attention!