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Filter out contacts who placed a deal with specific line items on a particular day

So it turns out that list filtering design has a flow: there's no way you can create a list for people who bought line item A on a day X.


Filtering ExampleFiltering Example


I tested and confirmed that these criteria are NOT intersected in the original filter set in my screenshot (see yellow highlight). They're joined. So a target contact would have the FIRST deal satisfying the first group of filters and the SECOND deal satisfying the second filter group.


I think the idea of filting people who bought A before Christmas is a perfectly legit eComm scenario and many marketers will benefit from this capability.

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I have a different use case here, but I think we should be able to build lists based on deals and their associated line items. Right now since the only option is to build lists on any deal and any line item associated with the contact, you can get erroneous lists that may fit the line item criteria but not the deal criteria associated with that line item...if there is another deal that does match the criteria.


So for your example, let's say a contact as two deals:

Deal A: Shipped on 10/1/2021 with line item X

Deal B: Shipped on 1/1/2015 with line item 2020 Dry Chenin Blanc


The list will pull in that order because there is a deal that matches the criteria (Deal A) and a line item that matches the criteria (Deal B), even though the customer does not have a deal that matches both criteria at the same time. 


I'm hoping HubSpot will allow us to do more complex list building with specific line items associated with deals rather than any line items/deals.