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We have an integration with Zoom Webinar. Previously, we created properties on event names in Zoom. Now that we have integrated with Zoom, most things go automatically using Zoom id - which is all well and good. But we can only filter on last registered events or see the number of Zoom webinars the person has participated in. In the integration, there is a property where you can see on the contact card which webinar (name) they have participated in. I wish you could filter among contacts who has been on Zoom [eventname] and not just among lists. Like the property Zoom (settingicon) that you see in the screenshot.


Use this property from Zoom integration as a filter under contactsUse this property from Zoom integration as a filter under contacts

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HubSpot Employee

Commenting on behalf of a customer -


Currently the only default zoom properties available from the integration are:

  • Average Zoom webinar attendance duration
  • Last registered Zoom webinar
  • Total number of Zoom webinar registrations
  • Total number of Zoom webinars attended

It'd be amazing to have Webinar Names and IDs stored as contact properties as well, or perhaps a multi-checkbox/multi-line property to keep track of all attended webinars. 🙂