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Filter on Meetings

I am looking to report on my sales teams activity and have created a great report that shows all the meeting activity (by meeting type) by Account. This is a visual representation of the number of meetings we are having from 1st Engagement, through to discovery, demo, progression etc as a bar chart and allows me to identify the number of touch points or lack off which help focus my attention on which accounts may be strugging. This is also great for the sales management team to help us understand where we are in the engagement process and whether based on actual activity the opportunity within that account is likely to close as per the Salesperson forecast.  I am happy that we have this bit sorted and is reporting well.  


What i need help with.... The report is quite busy with each sales person working on a number of accounts each so what i'd now like to do is be able to filter OUT those accounts i dont want to track activity on.. for example some of our partner/ third party accounts -  so that the focus is clearly on the prospect and customer engagement.. i dont really care that my team have met 20 times with partnerX.   (i know i can filter on salesperson at the dashboard level which helps the view but ideally i want those partners gone!)


So far we've tried to build criteria which would filter out records of a certain type (ie partner) or by Account Name... but neither has been possible and i've been advised as such by the support desk...  this sounds like it should be a easy fix?  Can anyone help?