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Filter marketing emails by sender

I would like to be able to go to my marketing emails and filter by who is the sender of the email.


Why do I want this? Because there will always be turnover at a company and that means senders will need to change.


If I create an email sent by a sales person, and that person leaves, it is very difficult to find every email and replace it with a new sender from our new hire.


Yes, there are other ways to do this, but that would be a very helpful feature.

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It would also be great if we could see how many emails have been sent from a specific sending domain (I manage eight seprate sending domains today).


I agree. this would be very helpful for switching email addresses


This would be a very useful feature to have. Easy enough to add one one column here:


Add a "Sender" column option here.Add a "Sender" column option here.


As an additional request - it would be very nice to be able to bulk edit emails through a .csv upload. That way if a person leaves the company and they have a lot of emails being sent out from their name, you could update it in a a csv file in a couple of minutes. 


Upvoting this! Hope this feature becomes available soon!


@jessiew idea to add to column good one. Allowing filter by any displayed column value would go well with this.

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Upvoting this! Being able to filter emails based on the sender from name and sender from address. Roles change over time, so it would be super helpful to be able to identify all of the emails currently sending from a specific email address if that person leaves or roles change. I have a client right now who is changing their domain, so we're trying to hunt down specific emails that will need to be changed. It's all coming from memory right now when it seems like we should be able to easily segment emails by the send details. Hopefully HubSpot is able to move this forward!


Upvoting this as well. This would be  agreat addition. 


Upvoting this! We have so many pages of automated emails, so having to go through each to replace employees who turnover or change roles/titles is a nightmare. 


Upvoting this! We recently changed sending domains and this feature would've been so helpful when trying to check how many emails had gone out with our old domain. In addition to that, it would be great to be able to easily find emails sent from specific addresses to analyze performance between senders and over time.


Upvoting this! Hope this feature becomes available soon!


Upvoting this! This would also be very helpful for us.

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Upvoting! This is extremely helpful (even to just have as a column filter) for managing changing roles and team members


This would make a huge difference for our company and could make the difference between us staying with HubSpot or changing to Intercom.