Filter lists by URLs containing query parameters and fragments

At this time, the page view filters in lists cannot be used to find contacts who have viewed URLs containing specific query parameters (e.g. ?utm_term=xyz) or fragments (e.g. /#/). This is because HubSpot canonicalizes the URLs which are stored on contact records, dropping all query parameters and anything that follows a # symbol.


While there are benefits to canonicalization, the current behavior is inconsistent with many users' expectations and prevents users from segmenting on every aspect of how contacts interact with their website.


Additionally, query parameters and # symbols are frequently used for single-page applications, so the current canonicalization behavior impedes tracking visitor movements and actions.


I request that this canonicalization behavior be re-evaluated and changed so that users can segment on URLs containing query parameters and fragments in HubSpot lists.


This idea will serve as a vehicle for user feedback. HubSpotters, check out ANALYTICS-4331 for more context.

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