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Filter forms on external pages



We are using HubSpot forms on our external pages. For easier mainentenance, we would like to use one form for 32 pages, but to seperate in HubSpot lists on which page the form has been filled out. Also we would like to send form filling notification emails (contact's details) to different persons, depending on which page the form was filled out. Right now, it's not possible to do it with HubSpot's workflow for external pages - it's possible only for internal HubSpot pages. So we need to create 32 forms with the same structure, and if we need to add new column, we need to do it 32 times. So it's unnecessary work when we could do it only for 1 form.


Could you develop this feature on which page HubSpot form was filled out on external page for workflows and lists? It would save a lot of time from us.

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Came here to submit the same idea. It looks like it should be possible since the timeline activity shows what external page the form was filled out on. Hope this can be implemented.

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Agree! The data seems to exist, but it's not an option for list segmentation. The ability to not have to have a 1:1 ratio of form to activity is amazing on landing pages but not everyone uses the HubSpot CMS so this would be an extremely helpful update. 



Hello! The ability to filter in lists and workflows by an external url would be extremely helpful! It seems like it would be possible since this is already recorded on the contact activity record, but is it possible to add that feature to Hubspot's other tools? This way customers who are not on HubSpot CMS can still benefit from this valuable tool! 🙂


We'd also like to have the possibilty to filter contatcs gathered via external forms and group them in different lists based on the url where they submitted the form.


So all you need is a variable to filter for.

That that isn't possible in a software like this in 2022. Wow... 


It is UNBELIEVABLE that this feature is not already in Hubspot and UNFATHOMABLE that it isn't even on the roadmap.


Do better Hubspot, this is soooo stupid.

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+1 for this idea.

At the moment for every page that has a form, I have to make a unique form, workflow and email.
Any tracked web page activity is recorded against a contact, so surely that data should be available as a value that can be queried in a filter

If external URL was availble as a filter across workflows or other conditional elements it'd massivly simplfy any "backend" infrastrcuture required in hubspot.


This is wild that we can't do this, especially after we were told it was possible only to find out that it's a feature available only to those who create and build the pages from within HubSpot itself. 

Less of a would love to see and more of a, needs to be done asap

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This would be great to be able to do.