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We have a number of ways for tracking dates of activities, however, these are grouped together in ways that make singular reporting of an activity type quite difficult, especially for customers without access to reports or only able to use the filter and list tools as this data can be wiped over by another activity. For example we track on the contact end recent sales email open/click/replied dates, but nothing for when the users that send the email. Making tracking if a contact has been followed up after sending an email to us difficult to report on in lists. 

This could be resolved with a property that tracks what time and date the most recent sales email was sent from a contact record by a user in he same way that we have recent sales email replied/open date.

We would be interested to see have other users experienced this pain point? Specifically for those with no access to report or workflows, as these cannot be used to create a "workaround."

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there must be a way to see who has not replied to last sales email (not marketing) this seems such a basic requirement of sales/marketing, not a professional level feature, simply who hasn't replied ?? and therefore needs a follow up.