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Filter for Tasks showing Queues each Task belongs to

It would be valuable to have a filter (or "view") on the task page that allows me to focus just on the tasks that I have not assigned to a specific task queue. 


There is a way to look at each task queue individually, but not the tasks that aren't in a queue.


For example, what if make a taks that doesn't apply to one of the Task Queues I have made?  As of now, it seems like I need to make a task queue called "General", but it would be nice to not need to make another queue like that.

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+1 for Task Filters by Contact Property


Benefits we envision:

  • help ensure SLAs are fulfilled by enabling prioritization based on e.g. customer type, account status, or country
  • help reps break large task workloads into manageable chunks or identify which tasks to move into various queues (although bulk queue assignment would be a needed feature to make this useful)

Agreed on the benefits


I agree! - Filters on tasks, in general, would be great. 

Examples of ways I would use it are;

  1. Filters tasks with closed lost deals/deal in X stage
  2. Filter tasks for contacts with X job functions
  3. Filter tasks by Company Industry/Tier
  4. Filter tasks by Deal Source
  5. Many many many others. 
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This feature would be very important for customers working out of their task queues for success, to ensure that they do not miss out on any tasks that have been created. It would be helpful if we could either have a column in the Open tasks lists that show which queue each task is associated with, or allow us to filter the tasks similar to how we filter our contacts. This will allow us to see any tasks that have not yet been assigned to a queue so that we can work on them immediately.


I’d love to be able to view tasks for a particular contact chronologically like in the task list as rows in a spreadsheet like display.
If there was a dropdown beside “all times” - “all clients” where it would allow you to filter for a particular contact, that would be ideal.


I like the queues. I'd like a way to only view non-queued tasks. hide queue from task-list or something of the sort


Would definetly help save time & stay better organized.


A simple option to filter based on the queue would fix this. Why hasn't this been done yet Hubspot?


I just contected the hubpost support and this appears not to be solved. I would love to have exactly this functionality! 


I would like the ability to change the Tasks Columns.  It would be great if we had more options to choose from for columns that gave us the ability to sort Tasks.  It would be nice to be able to include (see/view) which "Queues" a Task is assigned to (or not assigned) as a Column Option.  


It would also be nice to have an "Unassigned Queue" or a default Queue to use for sorting.  Basically I'm trying to better organize Tasks and Queues.  


There are problems with Tasks Queues which make them as much work as they save.


First in the Task List view, please add a column for the Queue Name to which Task is assigned.

Screen Shot 2020-03-27 at 4.46.31 PM.png

Secondly, make a preference for Default Task Queue which would influence the Tasks created by the check box on calls and emails. Currently "Create a task to follow up"  always drops them into the black hole of un-named Tasks. 


Finally, perhaps we could have a Queue called Null or Default or System so that there isn't a black hole anymore.

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Hi HubSpot Community,


Thanks for this suggestion. Our team has reviewed this idea and it is now part of our roadmap.


We'll be working on a solution for this in the coming months so stay tuned. I'll plan to update this post once we have a solution planned and work has started. 


Thank you,



It would be great to have a column in the task view that showed if the task was in a queue. That way if someone assigned a new task to you, you could easily identify it and place it in a queue. 

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Please add a column in the task view for "Queues" so I can see and sort by queues (and also catch any tasks that I haven't assigned to a queue).  


Agreed 100% ! It would be great to have filter "not in a task queue", for the task we forgot to put in a queue. Otherwise, we lost the task and it's very time consuming to find it back 😞


SImple, yet important. Please implement this Hubspot so you can make everyone's lives eaiser. 


Is there any update on the board view for tasks?  Its been over a year since the last update and I was just wondering if its going to be available soon 🙂

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Any update on this.


We have clients who also would like to edit the Columns to check which queue their tasks are in.




Would be fantastic if what queue it was in was added here so I could make sure none were missed. 


What's the timeline for delivering this feature. Seems like it would not be very hard to develop and it simply does not make sense to have the queue associated with tasks and no way to identify the tasks associated with different queues. It looks like a half-baked feature that is waiting to be finished. It's surprising that this is take 4 years to do.