Filter for Tasks showing Queues each Task belongs to

It would be valuable to have a filter (or "view") on the task page that allows me to focus just on the tasks that I have not assigned to a specific task queue. 


There is a way to look at each task queue individually, but not the tasks that aren't in a queue.


For example, what if make a taks that doesn't apply to one of the Task Queues I have made?  As of now, it seems like I need to make a task queue called "General", but it would be nice to not need to make another queue like that.

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davem, it is the column labeled "Associated With"

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I believe it was previously mentioned - but to uplike it - having a column to show what queue the tasks are in or to be able to see what tasks are awaiting to be assigned into a queue.  

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Let's say you're running through your task queue and you have a few contacts from the same company in it.  You email one of those people and they reply to set up a demo/consult/conversation and now you no longer need to email the other people from that same company in your task queue.


How would you quickly remove the other people from that company from the task queue?  You can't automate that.


It would be great to be able to use filters in the tasks view and queue just like we do with contacts, companies and deals.  Wouldn't it?

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oh yes please! A separate collum in the task view that shows the task queue would be ideal. Also this must be a sortable collumn and ideally able to filter by this. 


My team are frustrated that they cant view a queue with a time filter! 



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 Josie - could not agree more! 

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Josie - I'm a heavy user of Tasks and starting to use Queues. I agree 100%! Can we please have this soonest.

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 I would like to be able to view tasks by team member, sorted by queue. Whether in Task view, Companies or Contacts (or, best, all three views) doesn't matter. Currently, I can view team members' tasks but cannot sort them to sort tasks by queue.

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This is so necessary.  I have frequently begun working tasks that were not in the queue I was working as I was prospecting.

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It would be great to be able to filter my task list by Contact Properties of the associated tasks. Would allow me to queue and complete tasks much more efficiently.

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 this would be super helpful. 

im actually about to split our contact database between users, and have to move all the tasks too (no way to reassign tasks except individually!). when moved to the new owner they wont be in a queue. 

so being able to see in the task view which tasks are assigned to a queue and which arent would be very helpful.