Filter for Tasks showing Queues each Task belongs to

It would be valuable to have a filter (or "view") on the task page that allows me to focus just on the tasks that I have not assigned to a specific task queue. 


There is a way to look at each task queue individually, but not the tasks that aren't in a queue.


For example, what if make a taks that doesn't apply to one of the Task Queues I have made?  As of now, it seems like I need to make a task queue called "General", but it would be nice to not need to make another queue like that.

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Task Queues are a great addition. It would be easier to assign tasks to queues if there were a column to show what queue a task was already in and or a filter to filter out tasks already assigned to a queue.

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I like the idea of the task que. 

But I would like to see the task que work better inside the call function.

For example, when I make a call to a prospect and they ask me to call them back later that day. There is not a function that allows me to set the que for the same day. Although it has a custom button on the dropdown, I'm unable to set the task que for the same day. Additionally, when I'm inside a call and I want to set the time for the que whether its call, to do or email, there isn't an option that allows for me to set what I want to do inside the cue. So essentially I'm double working.

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Quees are nice but making them available as a pre-defined set of tasks that can be executed based on events (e.g. - customer won, proposal sent) would be great.  Today you can't pre-define the list.  

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I would also really like to see this. It would be nice to see the assigned queue as a column in the task table view. 

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In order to accomplish this, my suggestion would be to add it as a property to select in "edit columns". Then you can sort by task and see what tasks are not queued. Also, makes it easier to assign multiple tasks at a time to a desired queue.

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A column with a task queue would be really beneficial for quick task triage. 

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We have HubSpot Scoring but no way to factor it into prioritizing Tasks.  Tisk tisk.  Smiley Tongue  


Yes. Filters and more Columns for Tasks would help / is necessary for Reps to prioritize their Tasks for the day.  Let's do this!

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Please add a column that you can add for Task Queue. This would greatly inrease productivity.

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Hard to believe I can't show names in task view...only a few columns to choose from, but none with the NAME.  Am I missing something? 

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