Filter emails shown on Analyze Tab

I'd like to be able to choose multiple email types or "all emails except..." I really do not need my internal notifications to muddy the waters of this graph.  

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Totally agree!  The analyze feature is so great for showing results, but not if you have to put qualifiers on it, like "ignore that email".  

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Yes! The results get so skewed by low volume emails that have extraordinarily high engagement that all the "real" emails are jammed in the corner. Cool concept though!

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Same here! We ran into an issue where internal emails were actually causing us to get on the "low engagement" list if we received too many at once. 

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It would be really nice if you could set the timeframe in the graph and then instead of just pinning emails have the ability to toggle which email show in the graph (similar to the competitor report in marketing tools). Being able to filter by type (like you can on the email dashboard - "A/B, follow up, etc.") would further enable you to group them for comparative purposes. I don't want to compare all types of email against all other types - but for example, all of my thank you emails would be nice to compare.

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I love this idea. While I like to measure internal communication practices, I'm really more interested in how external campaigns are performing. Perhaps it's a feature across email, landing pages, etc. where internal communication is judged outside of the standard analytics in some way. Most folks with smaller comms teams don't have one hubspot instance for internal comm and another for external. 

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Agreed, also support emails used in workflows can skew these analytics.