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Filter custom object based on associated company records

Posting on behalf of a customer! 


The current custom object tool does not allow for us to filter/create a list of custom objects based on the company associated as well as based on the properties of a custom object. 


It will be great if we can do the following: 

1. filter the custom object based on the company associated,

2. filter the custom object based on the properties of the custom object

For example, to show the custom objects (e.g. number of services) that are associated to a company record, and then filter based on the properties of the custom object 


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Adding to this idea (as we were the customer that initially requested this post).
Will there be an update to how custom objects work that would allow different categories of other objects to be associated to the Custom Object?

Say I have a car as a custom object, I'd like to be able to link the Driver of the car, separately from the Mechanic, and the owner. Currently we're doing this to a text field since we can only have one category of [associated contacts]. 

Maybe you have heard something @KyleJepson? Can't hurt to ask, as we also had previously discussed pretty complex use cases for custom objects. 

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@Daniel3T - That is coming soon! And not just for custom objects. This is a need we see for associating all kinds of records to each other. I don't know when exactly you'll be able to do what you're describing, but it's something we're actively working to develop.


Do we have an approximate timeline for this? Also super important for our use case-


This would be a valuable feature for us as well. We use a custom object for charging subscriptions, so there are a lot of paralells to our needs in this request. Upvote!


Could really use the ability to associate all objects and custom objects with each other. 


In our case our Contacts are associated with the Deals a sales person has won. Once a deal is won the Contact gets the final product associated with them in the form of one or more custom objects for the policies they hold with us.


But we can't associate a custom object (a specific policy) with a specific Deal so we are missing a link between sale closed (Deal) to the final implemented product (the custom object). 


@DinDjarin i might misunderstand what your challenge is, but you can associate customer objects with any other object (deal, company, contact etc) - it just has to be setup to do so. Whoever created your custom object should be able to update it to include an association to deals as well as contact. You can then choose the correct deal to linked to a policy. 


Dear Hubspot Product Team, do you now have an approximate timeline for this?

This new feature is super important for us!



Upvoting this. We need this as well. 


We could use this, but also in reverse.   Filter companies based on the custom objects they have.


I want all of our 'team' (subscription) custom objects to have an associated company record but can't filter the team object to produce a list that don't have a company associated. 

The above would resolve this blocker for us.


Upvoting! This would be really helpful.


We'd also like to see the number of objects associated with the custom objects and vice versa. We have a custom object to manage subscriptions, and it would be great to filter subscriptions by the number of users, companies, etc. associated.


I am trying to do the same but I  have faced this issue!


We created somwehat of a work around for this. We need to associate companies to our custom Team(subscription) objects, but can't search by associated company. What we did was:


-Create a number property in our Team object, I called it "Flag for Company Association" for our purposes.

- Run a workflow that was basically "if associated company domain is known, set value of Flag for Company Association to 1"

-Filter list of Teams by value in the Flag for Company Assoiation property, 1=has associated company, not 1= has no associated company


This allowed us to identify the Teams that needed to be associated to companies and then manually associate them.


This is definitely a must have!

We created a Custom Object associated to a Contact. We can see the records of the custom object, but we are not able to see the Contact in the list. So, kind of unuseful if we cannot see the entity associated to the Custom Object.

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We really need this


We have a similar case. Usually when you export a HubSpot object there is a column that says Associated Contacts or Associated Company or Deal with that object's ID. If I try to export my custom object, there are no such columns.


I think this is the reason why Reporting for Custom Objects is so poor still. Try creating a Deal & Custom object report, it's very disappointing.


Hello community. Any update about this issue?

I need to filter a record by a specific property and I have not found anything related to this in the documentation, someone here that can help me?


Same issue here. Created a Ticket Custom Object and not able to filter by an specific property. Is there any workaround or expected resolution on this? Please advise. 

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A must have!


Please!!! We are using CO unique ID's for now as we believe the best solution will come from replicating what you already do on other objects.