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Filter criteria for matching properties

I think it would help segmentation and personalization tremendously, if we could filter by properties that match.
For example, I want to personalize an email with First Name - the problem is: many first names in my database are the company name or the email address. So the following branch in a workflow could solve this:
IF First Name matches Company Name or Email Addresss, THEN send this other version of the email where I don't insert a First Name Personalization token.

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What about if you create a custom equation calculated property that is true or false based on your condition(s)? Then you could branch based on that property. Here is a screenshot of a formula that seems like it should work:


Screenshot 2024-02-14 at 5.30.03 PM.png


And here's that formula:

if(lowercase([properties.firstname]) == lowercase([]), true, false)