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Filter contacts not sent marketing emails

Currently, in HubSpot lists, workflows, and filtered views, you can only view contacts sent an email and the various actions based on an email sent. But if we want to review contacts who should have received an automated email, but were never sent that email, there really is no easy way to do this. 


You can create a workflow if/then statement to show who was sent the email, and then if they were not, maybe update a custom field or create yet another list with the contacts not sent the email, but again, this should be easier to do especially if you need to do this more often than you'd like. 




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Yes please! I sometimes need to build lists or filters by people who NOT received an email. For example, to check how far someone made it through a workflow if we made a change (received email 6 but not email 7) or as a way to send down an if/then path in a workflow.

I've needed to use this twice in the last month alone.


I really need this feature. It is such a waste of time to create an extra list to achieve what one needs (a list with everyone who did NOT receive an email).


This would be great! In our last campaign we really made an effort to go through reaching out to contacts who did not have a valid email/there may have been a typo. Easy enough to generate a list of those who had their email bounced, but this only works when the email is sent and we ended up having to manually sort a different list to find those who were never sent an email as HubSpot believed it was invalid and didn't send!


We really need this feature. Most other mail platforms allow you to do "if this but not that" logic. We just want to create a list that is normally sent 1 campaign, but has not been sent a automation campaign. I'm really surprised this isn't possible in HubSpot.


Yes please! The "Not Sent" category includes previously bounced contacts and low engagement contacts. While a list of all low engagement contacts can be run using the "Sends since last engagement >= 11", you can't analyze the contacts by individual email within a list using a combination filter, you have to open each contact one by one from the email itself. And you can't run a workflow to tag the contact to catch them immediately when they are placed on low engagement. I would like to catch them immediately so that I can run a workflow to tag the date it happened, what email it happened on, and to update a check box on the contact named "graymail suppression". I use this check box to exlude them when building new segment lists so I'm not continuously trying to send & clogging up their timeline with email logs. hsharp_0-1658414510114.png

I also use the check box to sync with our CRM so when I purge HubSpot I have captured the "why" & "when" they were removed from HubSpot in our CRM for history preservation. And for times when I build new segment lists from our CRM I can exclude them.

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I agree, this would help track down workflow issues. 🙏 add


This feature "If not this than that logic" would have been so helpful to me right now. 


Please Please this in!


Yes, please add this feature and notify me once we have it. Thanks!


Hi, it would be easier to have this. Thanks.


Yes, it would be good to have a reliable & simple way where we can avoid "shooting into the dark".


Is there a step where if we know the members of a list, can we query whether they received a particular email "a" "b" or "c"? Without interrogating each member's record individually? 


Agree. This is a marketing must-have.


+1 yes please - this is soooo needed. My current solve for this is to create a new list of "received x email" and then go back to my original list and add a list membership exclusion. It works, but it's an extra step -- and an extra list against our limit -- that I'd love to avoid. Thanks! 


Second this suggestion. There needs to be an exclusion filter like this to avoid duplicate sends, and like @Phenomammal said it would assist greatly in tracking down workflow issues.