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Filter contacts by form submission

Would be helpful to have the ability to filter contacts by a specific form submission date. 


Currently I have to create a list for a form to see when contacts submitted a form.

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Agree - this would be good to have for filtering

Neues Mitglied

 Agree with rw on this - makes it very hard to sort and collect submission data if you use multiple variants for a form. For example different types of Demo Request forms. As it stands there isn't really a way of comparing each - just a first and most recent conversion. If a form submission date was tracked, you would be able to put all lead gen forms together to give an overall view of site-wide conversions.


This would be helpful to see in the list, in case a form on a page was changed to another one so you can seperate it. For example, we have forms to sign up for webinars, then after the webinar we have a different form to request a recording.


Also seeing the form submission date is good too. You can see conversion date but it may be another page and therefore be unhelpful.


Agree with Kate. I want to have a report that tells me the number of forms submitted per month. Can not currently, since we can only select the recent conversion date.


Darn. I was hoping this filter existed already.

I think the easiest solution is to create a new contact property for "form submission date" and add this as a hidden field to all your forms. (That's a lot of work, so I'm going to continue to hunt for a quicker fix.) 




Upvote to this - actually I thought that Hubspot already had this. It's really useful!


Absolutely need this. 


Yes - needed - I keep trying to create my filter view to see a list of all contacts who submitted any website form between a certain date range. Maybe I'm missing another workaround here. 

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Occasional Contributor | Gold Partner | Certified Trainer

Would be helpful. 
It would also be helpful to categorize submissions either by giving the form a specific type or by exclude/ include forms that can be counted in a specific time frame. 

E.G.: "Show me all SQL relevat submission year to date."