Filter contacts by form submission


Would be helpful to have the ability to filter contacts by a specific form submission date. 


Currently I have to create a list for a form to see when contacts submitted a form.

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Agree - this would be good to have for filtering


 Agree with rw on this - makes it very hard to sort and collect submission data if you use multiple variants for a form. For example different types of Demo Request forms. As it stands there isn't really a way of comparing each - just a first and most recent conversion. If a form submission date was tracked, you would be able to put all lead gen forms together to give an overall view of site-wide conversions.


This would be helpful to see in the list, in case a form on a page was changed to another one so you can seperate it. For example, we have forms to sign up for webinars, then after the webinar we have a different form to request a recording.


Also seeing the form submission date is good too. You can see conversion date but it may be another page and therefore be unhelpful.


Agree with Kate. I want to have a report that tells me the number of forms submitted per month. Can not currently, since we can only select the recent conversion date.

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Darn. I was hoping this filter existed already.

I think the easiest solution is to create a new contact property for "form submission date" and add this as a hidden field to all your forms. (That's a lot of work, so I'm going to continue to hunt for a quicker fix.) 




Upvote to this - actually I thought that Hubspot already had this. It's really useful!


Absolutely need this. 


Yes - needed - I keep trying to create my filter view to see a list of all contacts who submitted any website form between a certain date range. Maybe I'm missing another workaround here. 

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Would be helpful. 
It would also be helpful to categorize submissions either by giving the form a specific type or by exclude/ include forms that can be counted in a specific time frame. 

E.G.: "Show me all SQL relevat submission year to date."


Very very urgent to develop this feature !


Yes, to be able to sort a list by the date the contact submitted a specific form would be very very helpful.


We would need this as well, reporting would be much better with this feature

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+1 The only way we can see this is using lists but it would be great to be able to see this in a report to get an overview. The form analytics report only shows email submissions but not total number, and contact could submit a form numerous times. Moreover, when trying this with the recent conversion report, this will display the total number of contacts that have submitted the form (at any stage) AND has a recent conversion (which could be another form) so it's not showing us the same information as when you create a list based on form submissions > select form > filter by custom dates. 


This can be really useful


Has anyone figured out a work around for this?


Most other posts in the community have Hubspot employee participation. @hubspot do you. know if this is planned, backlogged or rejected?


Yes, I would love to generate a view where I can see all the latest form submissions by submission date. Even if there were submissions by contacts who already existed or resubmitted a submission form.

Anyone have any tips?


You have to sort this one out. Yearly this year a source for "Form submissions" were avaliable in the new report builder, but it disappered. I want to be able to view number of sumbissions per month, and filter per e.g. campaign or lifecycle stage. It's important for us to be able to analyze recurring conversions not only the first and latest.