Filter contact views by associated tasks

Since i use Tasks every day (and live in the Tasks field), I absolutely need a way to track data in those tasks. For instance, I want to see who I've contacted via Tasks over a certain period of time. I want to see a list of contacts where I created a Call 2 Task. I want to see a list of tasks created by HS Owner (I'm not the owner)., etc.

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Absolute need for a good workflow!

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Great idea and would be very helpful to our business.

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The ability to view contacts based on when a task is due and/or if there are any tasks scheduled would be awesome for our sales team's follow up efforts.


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to filter contacts wchich does not have open tasks , with filtering by: overdue, today, futuer

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I agree with these Ideas! for us we are especially interested in how to filter and sort by "Associated with" on the Task table view.

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Hi there,

Something associated with this as well -- it would be nice that we can filter by conversations as we do have the tool now, it would be useful it we can filter it by someone who has talked to us in the CRM by date as wellSmiley Happy