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Filter contact views by associated tasks

Since i use Tasks every day (and live in the Tasks field), I absolutely need a way to track data in those tasks. For instance, I want to see who I've contacted via Tasks over a certain period of time. I want to see a list of contacts where I created a Call 2 Task. I want to see a list of tasks created by HS Owner (I'm not the owner)., etc.

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Absolute need for a good workflow!


Great idea and would be very helpful to our business.


The ability to view contacts based on when a task is due and/or if there are any tasks scheduled would be awesome for our sales team's follow up efforts.



to filter contacts wchich does not have open tasks , with filtering by: overdue, today, futuer


Hi everyone --


Is it possible to filter Contacts by a Task title or notes? I've attempted this several times, but I can't find any filter options related to Tasks. We standardize our Task names, and it would be incredibly helpful to filter lists of Contacts based on whether a specific Task was completed.


Example scenario: We often reach out to associations and nonprofits, and I typically include "association" in the Task subject line. It would be very helpful to have the ability to filter my Contacts by whether they have a Task with "association" in the title so that when we organize new calling campaigns targeting associations, we can easily pull a list of Contacts we've reached out to in the past. 

I've identified two workarounds, but neither is perfect:

1) Search "Completed" Tasks by keyword -- however, then you're reduced to the limited selection of columns and sorting options in the Task section. There's no way to look at the list by Company, most recent outreach, etc. Also, having tested it again just now, it's pulling in tasks for Contacts/Companies with "association" in the name, even if "association" is nowhere in the Task title.


2) Categorize Companies and Contacts by the type of organization. Can do this moving forward, but doesn't help much with the thousands of Contacts/Companies already in our HubSpot account, without manually fixing them. 


If this isn't standard functionality at this point, additional filter options for Contacts/Companies in a future release would be incredbily helpful -- another one of the top of my head is the ability to filter for keywords in Call or Meeting notes (i.e., if the word "Drupal" was mentioned in the logged notes) .

Thanks --


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I agree with these Ideas! for us we are especially interested in how to filter and sort by "Associated with" on the Task table view.

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Hi there,

Something associated with this as well -- it would be nice that we can filter by conversations as we do have the tool now, it would be useful it we can filter it by someone who has talked to us in the CRM by date as well:)



I would like this as well.  Then I could filter by 

• last activity date known AND

• open task

It would help me make sure a deal doesn’t slip through the cracks in case I accidentally forget to make a next task for a good prospect.


How in the world can this functionality not be avilable? My reps are managing more than 200 leads - we need a report that shows contacts without an open task or meeting. 


This has my vote! I need a way to filter contacts by the existence of a task (similar to "Currently in Sequence" property), so we can quickly identify contacts who don't have a "follow up" task and are falling through the cracks. 


Agreed! The lack of filters in the Task function, or conversely the lack of filter by Task in the Contacts/companies section is a head-scratcher!


I agree also with this:

Agreed! The lack of filters in the Task function, or conversely the lack of filter by Task in the Contacts/companies section is a head-scratcher!


I agree this is a must have, I absolutly need this.


We are all (or mostly all) driven by task / action, our goal is to achieve steps to close deals, generally it is only what i have to do next to close this deal : this is where task are really helpfull.


We should not have any leads or any contacts without a task.


It is in my opinion a survival function .


I use task  and  contact everyday : why not having inside contact list a column where you have task due (and if empty a button create Task ) .


It will make hubspot a bit more action driven CRM, which is GOOD :).


Thank you.


I agree with this being a must-have feature. We're still evaluating whether to go with HubSpot versus another platform, and this is a key consideration for us! In fact, in my talking with a senior HubSpot rep about a variety of areas, they seemed to indicate that this is one of the most sought-after feature requests they hear, and it seemed very frustrating to the rep that it's not there!


An example of why this is so essential for us is having the ability to filter contacts who are designated high in properties as being a high-priority contact and/or as belonging to a given project and then focus on executing the Tasks associated to those contacts. Not being able to do this substantially hinders our efficiency in managing our contact relationships.


Three years and nothing happen 🙂 

So basic filter. 

So needed to be able find missing contacts in big mass. Without it we are making  review contacts by contacs to check if we missed something 😞 Which takes a lot of time.


Yet another reason to impliment this functionality:


Many users have been asking (pleading) for the ability to sort (or filter) tasks by time zone, which is also a critical need for our organization.


Unless HubSpot is ready to be implementing a sophisticated process that involves automatically looking up the contact's time zone based on their address (assuming it was entered), a custom Time Zone property would allow the user to specify them in the contact and then filter tasks on that. Which is obviously just one of many things that filtering on contacts and tasks provides.



This needs to be done in the task menu!


@ cherman

>> This needs to be done in the task menu! <<

Are you suggesting the developers implement this, or are you saying it can now be accomplished by users this way?