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Filter by secondary email

In HubSpot you can insert more than one email in the default property "email". I understand that only one can be primary but it would be extremely useful to be able to search/filter for this secondary email as a customer can have more than one email. 

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When a contact has two email addresses and one of them hard bounces, then we don't want to remove that contact from mailings, we want use the other email address that is good. We see this happening quite often. We have loads of gated content and events for which people will give us a bogus address to gain access to a whitepaper, but a real address for a webinar login. The way HS works now prevents us from optionally sending to the secondary address or running a report to remvoe emails address, but keep the contact and the other email address. Also, one email address might be opt-ed in where the other isn't. The opt-in follows the email address, not the contact, which means that we are prevented from marketing to the contact completely if they e.g. opted in on their private email addres, but opted out on their business email address. 

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Great idea!


Please implement this! We ahve customers who make typos and then end up with mulitple email addresses but the first one the wrote in with is the primary so it makes it hard to find them quickly!


Yes please! We have many customers that have multiple e-mail addresses & this will make it much easier to track everything down. 


Yes, we need this! 


Not having this is becoming difficult to work with contacts, we may need to remove the secondary email option due to the inability to query this data in lists. 


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Love the idea! Yes please!!

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Writing for a customer. This would be very helpful!