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Filter by "Original source drill-down 2" by text rather than internal value property

I'm currently needing to filter out contacts created from specific imports which are not to be attributed to marketing. Since they all share a similar naming convention, I thought I would be able to use certain keywords in order to isolate them on a list but it turns out you have to use the internal value which changes for every single import. My current list has over 49 filters and the number will keep growing as more data is pushed in on a monthly basis. Please make it possible to be able to use the text name of the import rather than just the random number allocated internally.

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Till then, please help me in finding out that arbitrary set of numbers. 


Totally agree. Bad design of drill down 2 for offline sources > imports right from the beginning. Other drill down 2 values can be file names, so why no this one? Not being able to access the text for filtering makes this practically useless. 


Really needed, it is an hassle now to filter by the drill downs 1 and 2