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Filter by lists in the Custom Report Builder


So far Custom Report Builder doesn't allow to select lists as one of the data sources & fields. 

The possibility of using contact/company list assets as the condition in the reports would be a big help in creating dashboards based on more advanced filters. 



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I agree! Very frustrating that you can't filter by list memberships in the new report builder. 


Now that cross-object reports are gone, *not being able to use list membership as a filter in custom reports is extremely limiting.*


My #1 move with reporting was to filter by contact list membership + company-level data. It's extremely disappointing that list membership wasn't included in the custom report builder since it was a key piece of functionality in the cross-object report, which has been deprecated and "replaced" by custom reports. I honestly can't believe that this key functionality was missed or skipped.


PLEASE bring this back!!!!