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Filter by Read/Unread in inbox

I've contacted support and not found this, but since someone hasn't asked before I'm thinking maybe I missed something. 


Sales Team members need to be able to filter by read and unread emails within Hubspot. This is something our team is used to in gmail and regardless needs to be a feature so we can see what has been looked at - it is not always necessary to respond to emails immediately or at all. It's a feature in every other email interface in existence.

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I am surprised why more people aren't even looking at this. Is it easy to follow thousand of conversations for most users?


I agree with you, cannot understand why a simple function which is a default in all email inbox from several providers is not available in HubSpot.


This should be a built-in feature. We're having regrets for choosing HS over Gorgias because of this. Would like an answer to this as well. We often forget to reply to customers as we have read their email, been distracted by another task (usually a call), and then when we return, the email is marked as read, but we haven't replied yet. Pleaseeee get this fixed asap!