Filter by Products in Lists

Hi! I would like to be able to use the Products in the Product Library within HubSpot Sales for creating smart lists, where we can filter by product. This would be a great feature for other targeted marketing or sales efforts. Thank you!

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Please enable this. Products are so useful with this feature and almost useless without it. 

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Agreed, this is an essential feature. When will we get it?  Smiley Happy


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I could send targeted marketing information to certain customers based off of specific products they may have purchased form the product library. Thanks.

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Agree with all comments above.


The only purpose to products if to have them in deals.


If you can't filter deals by product then what is the point of products?


Add the feature. Please.

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I agree with everyone please add this feature!!! Not being able to filter by products makes using HubSpot very tedious and frustrating at times. 

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Any update Hubspot?

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This feature needs to be added. We're quite frustrated to find out that it's not even a filterable quality.. If HubSpot can't report on it then why have it available as a data field? I just went through each of our deals and added accurate product data to each one and just found out that I can now do nothing with that data. Several hours of work lost. HubSpot - PLEASE make this data filterable!!

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@edjusten Could you please check with the sales product team to get an updated date on this feature for the sales side? This feature is critical for us to be able to use products effectively.

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Adding my vote here. Products is potentially a good feature but pointless unless you case use it in lists and reports.

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I would also like to see this additional functionality rolled out to the Products feature. Currently it does seem very robust. We need to be able to sort deal lists based on the products and export those lists to include the associated product information.