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Filter and Sort functionality needed for Attachments section please!

Filter and Sort options are desperately needed in the 'Attachments' section.


As companies using HubSpot are growing, we need this to be able to find specific attachments we've added over time.   


If this is not an important feature add, then it seems like HubSpot just wants to cater to smaller companies.  We need the functionality to scale and grow with us.


Please add filtering and sorting to the attachments section.

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After talking with your tech about the lack of solution, I would think this would be any easy win for the solutions development team.  


As our company profile continues to build and we leverage the resource to build or companies in contacts we are starting to see the attachments file grow.  With less than 10 attachments this is easy to manage, but as it gets bigger it would be great to organize similar to a file system found within the Windows OS.


I agree, when there are clients with many attachments under their record, such a filter wouls be a great help in easily locating relevant files and documents.


Yes needed. This is very important for actually locating things. There's no way to sort except looking through notes too.


Yes, this is desperately needed! Being able to sort/filter/pin attachments is crucial for staying organized and easily locating important attachments, rather than having to spend valuable time digging through them. 


agreed! We have a database that is 15+ years old, and having to "show more" on the account record through 15 years worth of attachments, not fun.


This is 100% needed otherwise the attachments section is not usable beyond a very small scale.  


Similar to the activity filters by owner etc would be a great idea!  Definitely a needed functionality.