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Filter Prospects by Specific URLs/Page Visited

The Prospects tool does not currently support filtering based on specific URL visits. 'Number of Page Views' is the only filter related to views/visits supported in the Prospects tool at this time. Would love to be able to see all visits that came through a specific-IRL. The immediate use case for me is to see Prospects that visited a 'vanity' URL I'm using in TV advertising.

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When Prospects hit our landing page and are "known", I'd like to set up a filter to find them and connect with them (without having to open each account). 

Neues Mitglied

Agree! Our sales manager would like to see who looked at a specific landing page but didn't fill out the form and reach out to them personally, but can't easily see who those prospects were. We'd love to be able to see who visited a specific LP.

Neues Mitglied

We get a ton of job applicants visiting our careers page and the companies those applicants are from are then added Prospects. I'd like to be able to clean out that list of companies by searching against those that visited our careers page.


Right now, the Prospects or Visits view shows companies who have visited the website, and when we drill down on the companies we can see which pages the anonymous visitors have visited. It would be good to have a reverse view where we show the list of pages and when we can drill down the pages to see which companies visited them. Something similar to the picture shown below. 




Would be great to have it!


Yes, it woudl be great to be able to report on website visits broken down by specific pages. I'm interested in seeing what companies visited what pages (even if the visitors are anonymous). I know the data is there, because I can access it by going to 'prospects' and clicking into each one individually, but there is no option to pull a report on this. Thanks!


This is a little different of a use case, but I think the feature would help me too. Since our website caters to both technology companies, patients and healthcare provider organizations, I want to filter certain things OUT. For example, my sales team does not want to be able to filter out traffic from patients. We would be able to do this if we could filter out prospects who have visist our patient specific page. 


The current functionality of the Prospects report does not provide a way to segment visits by different domains. We are losing a lot of reporting insights because of this.


Make this happen please.


I would really find great use for this to filter high value pages instantly