Filter Page Analytics By URL


A marketing team is trying to provide monthly reporting on specific "brands" within the overall HubSpot instance. Each "brand" has it's own url and domain so it is easy to know what you're looking at in the web analytics. 


We'd like to be able to report out website traffic in our monthly reporting, and right now we are able to filter the "Sources" report by specific custom views, but we are not able to filter the "Pages" report in the same way.


I would like to see any easy report that can be added to our custom marketing dashboard for this so we can see top pages by the number of page views over time filtered to just the data I need. I can do this right now within our contacts, but we're not capturing the # of page views by people who aren't contacts yet which is a huge chunk of people!

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Upvoting this, even though it seems to have attracted minimal attention.  We have a multi-brand approach within HubSpot and will want to be able to see traffic analysed based on URL (as a minimum from the domain e.g. so we have better visibility over which brands attract more interest.