Filter Out Existing Contacts From a Contacts Import

It would be very useful for user to be able to filter out existing contacts from their import files so that they do not accidentally update contacts. Alternatively, it would also be useful to just filter out specific properties for existing contacts in the import tool.


Use-case example:


User is importing a list of hundreds of contacts collected from various sources. Some of these contacts may already exist in HubSpot, but there is no way to know for sure before uploading them. This csv file has a column for HubSpot Owner and all these contacts will be assigned to the same person. If there are contacts that already exist in HubSpot, we do not want to overwrite that value if they currently belong to someone else. 


It is possible to manually sort the list after uploading based on "create date" and review those contacts to fix them manually, but that is quite of bit of manual work especially if there is more than one property that was over-written.

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HubSpot Employee
HubSpot Employee

Hi, I think this is a well-thought out post with a relevant use case and good ideas in it. There is an older request post for the same feature, which has already seen some discussion and attracted some support. Perhaps you can upvote and comment there: