Filter OUT list memberships in a report.

I wanted to show Wistia video watches for specific videos in a report. I created a list for each video. I then build a report based on list membership and filtered in the new lists I created. Only issue is that I cannt filter out ALL the rest of the list the contacts are a part of.


It would be great to be able to target exactly which lists I'd like to see.



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Good idea, this is one that has come up for us as well recently.


I would like to create a dashboard that shows off specific list memberships. It's a little hard to do so when the contact's are members of multiple lists.


Specific lists should be data objects that get pulled into reports.


List membership report.PNG

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Good idea!

Create a report to compare few lists could be very useful. Unfortunately now is possible only to select "List membership" in "Data Step" without any type of filter. This feature could be fantastic for all HubSpot users!