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Filter Hubspot User Property

When using one of the Hubspot User Custom fields it should be possible to show only certain Hubspot Users (user in certain teams).  So in the settings of a property there should be the possibility to filter the available users after one or many teams.


Use Case: When creating internal support tickets, Users should only be able to select people from the support team as Ticket Owners and not every User in Hubspot. 


Benefit: Reduce mistakes by assignen Tickets (and also other objects like deals, companies etc.) to wrong users.

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This would be great to see! Some of my clients could definitely use this, and it would make a lot of the interactions, especially around service with a lot of different teams a lot cleaner and faster, and reduce mistakes.


I would really use this. We assign internal roles to different people (SDRs, AEs, Managers).


As our team has grown, choosing a person has become a pretty lengthy dropdown and it is possible that a user can make a misake  and assign an SDR to a Manager role... Having a "team" filter would be extraordinarily useful... but please make sure that the team filter is not reliant upon it being the PRIMARY team (another gripe for another time is the inconsistency throughout hubspot of sometimes we can reference secondary teams but sometimes HubSpot only considers the primary team).




We sell courses, and want to be able to assign a user (tutor) to each line item in a deal (each line is a course, and subsequently a student could end up with multiple tutors, so 1 per line item - sometimes they may end up with 1 tutor for all, but it's dependant on what each tutor teaches).


Having a list of all users is a bit confusing for a "tutor" field - it ends up showing every employee at the company with an account. I.e. everyone from the board, to student services, to telesales, to engineering.


It would be good when selecting the "HubSpot User" field type, to have an optional additoinal selection named "Team" which allows us to select one OR multiple teams - as I'm sure some people would have a use case to want to want to be able to select from multiple teams for a given drop down, which then filters the subsequent property.

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This is a definite need!
We often add third party users to our accounts to help with various functions and it's not ideal that their names show up in the dropdown option within a user property.


In a perfect world, this update would be similar to the update to many of the Hubspot permission settings: you can select specific users to be included or an entire team (and only the users on that team would be included).


Pretty please?