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Filter Emails by Subscription Type

It would be helpful to be able to filter emails by subscription type. 


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Thanks for posting, @Tracie, this seems like a really nice progression of the current options on this page. I'll share with my team and see what might be possible. Cheers!


Agree with this suggestion - it would be very useful to be able to do this.


Currently trying to clean up a long list of subscription types and identify which are used and which can be archived, but without this filter functionality, it's nigh on impossible.


I too would find this very useful as we are also trying to clean up our subscription types and re-create the unsubscribe form etc.


Would be great to be able filter by subscription type. Our marketing emails get lost amongst the daily client updates. 


Same issues here. We might have to consider another service because of this issue. We need to be able to filter by subscription type. Marketing vs Client email campaigns.

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Commenting for a customer here! I think this is actually a basic functionality of email filtering since it allows our customers to quickly check what emails are used for each subscription type. 

Hoping to have an update on this soon (:

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I would love to have this as well. It would be perfect for me to check which marketing emails have higher CTR rates. The customer notification emails are the most popular and can be a pain to sort through when all I want to know is how leads are responding.


Hi, I'm upvoting this issue for all the reasons already mentioned 🙂 this is really needed


It would also be great to be able to do this in the reports builder.


I completely agree! This would help us strategize in determining what marketing emails should fall under what subcription types. Thanks!

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I agree! This would be a very helpful feature to have access to!


We have lots of emails in our system so trying to find emails associated with each subscription type is painful. We recently had a subscription issue (we sync subscriptions from our product into HubSpot) but when we tried to figure out what subscription types are still being used, it was difficult to find that beyond manually going into each email to see the subscription type. Definitely need this filter!

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@Shay any update on this? Would be very useful to many of our HubSpot clients.


Hi! I'm upvoting this as well. It's really hard to manage subscription types without the filter (or some other way to categorise emails by subscription type).


Hi, need this too. I don't understand the function of this list or view and how it actually works 😕 Because our Marketing has no admin access and isnt able to check each pipeline-settings and if there is a marketing e-mail for e.g. of Type "Ticket". This resolved to an unknown nubmer of "Ticket-Emails" which are currently present for different pipeline. but when I check a pipeline, I'm able to see only 3 emails of type "Ticket". But the dropdown of available emails I could use shows much more then 10!. Where are the other 7 Mails, are they used, where do they belong to, what content do they got and many more questions....  like the Masterquestion: 

If I click on "Return to list" whithin such a email of type "Ticket", I come back to the list of marketing emails, but I'm not able to see that email where I'm currently jumped off from -> this is a bug for me (get back to list, but the list doesnt present that mail).

We have also several domains with private content and want to have for each domains specials emails for registration, registered and password reset. We defined 3 of them, but we are not able to see them in the list. And we need these 3 five times more.


How can we ensure that we didnt miss a single email if we have to update the CD for e.g., if we are not able to find these emails (without a clicktrough path of all features and hidden pipeline-settings and more)??


Would love to see this added! Especially since we are able to monitor health by subscription type - when I see improvement needed, it would be great to see which emails are currently underperforming by subscription type. Right now under the health tab, it shows all low performing emails - but not by subscription type. 


Upvoting this as well! Would be very nice to be able to filter on this, also to quickly see if all your emails are being sent to the right subscription type. Now you have to open them one by one to check.