Filter Deals by associated Products


Our Sales team would like to be able to filter Deals by Products related to the Deal.


Today we use (probably too many) Deal Stages/Pipelines to distinguish which product someone is interested in purchasing. This way of tracking products seems duplicative now that HubSpot has the Product object on Deals.


Ideally, Marketing would also love to be able to trigger workflows, build smart lists based on Products. (For example, if a contact is associated to a Deal with Product X, and the Deal Stage is "Closed Won", trigger an onboarding nurture series relevant to Product X.)

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Apr 16, 2020

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YES!! How is this not a thing? You associate products to deals - why can't you filter by them?


Yes! We need to track deals according to sales. This is vital to forcasting and marketing followup campaigns with similar items!! I'm sorry, but how is this not available? It is so necessary!


Two years and counting. C'mon Hubspot Smiley Indifferent


We need filtering by products as well - please add this functionality asap!


If these were properties, we could filter by those and bring them into reporting.  Can someone at HubSpot explain why this process is so difficult, or better yet, why it isn't as easy as it seems to be with the properties?


Still waiting for a solution for this issue .........................

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There should be a way we can filter out deals on the basis of the product attached to them. Currently, we are not able to segment the deals on the basis of products in the deal dashboard view.

There must be property/filter in deals dashboard views, i.e, " associated at least 1 product" so that businesses can easily fetch the data of deals with the products attached.


Add another frustrated user to the list, again basic functionality and every decent CRM has, HubSpot why is it that you ignore the basics like this?   Please add the ability to filter deals by products!


Any updates on this? 


It is an extremely serious limitation to the Products if they can't be searched/filtered/reported on properly. 




We need this too - similar to the second usecase mentioned.

We want the ability to list closed-won deals by product line items so we can automate outreach.


Also filtering by SKU (same idea) would be extremely helpful for us. It's also a property of deals (similar to Product name).



I was very surprized not to find this feature by default, it's kind of must have. Please implement ASAP.🤔


Definitely need this feature as well!  


@bkeller any news on addressing this shortcoming?

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I know this isn't exactly what's being asked for here but a couple of workaround options to try might be :

1. Custom Report (Table): If visibility within the Deals board (specifically) isn't a requirement, you could create a custom report (table view) and filter your deals the same way you would on the deals board. 

2. Workflow to set property based on Line Items: If visibility within your Deals board is a requirement, you could consider creating a workflow(s) that sets a custom property based on the associated Line Items since Line Items can be used as a workflow trigger. 


This is an aboslute necessity! This feature is almost non negotiable, I am very surprised that Hubspot does not have this feature. Hubspot is amazing, don't get me wrong, but this would be next level.


Still no answer for this after 3 years? How can it not be a simple filter on the deals list?

This is a basic need, how can you not filter your deals by the products they contain?


I'll have to stick to the old custom property trick, but I really hope this is fixed.

The advantage of pulling products into the deal are really good because they include the price and descriptions plus they are the same element used in quotes, I shouldn't have to select a product on a custom property and then add the actual product to the deal.


I see the reports workaround, but this isn't a solution to a simple filter.

I really really hope this is fixed.


I'd like to see some thing right here too. We have a page list 4 files in a bulleted listing that traffic can down load. We used a list because a stack of CTAs regarded ridiculous--and I do not have all day to layout something greater fantastic. Just the primary stats of clicks over time might work for us.