Filter Deals by associated Products

Our Sales team would like to be able to filter Deals by Products related to the Deal.


Today we use (probably too many) Deal Stages/Pipelines to distinguish which product someone is interested in purchasing. This way of tracking products seems duplicative now that HubSpot has the Product object on Deals.


Ideally, Marketing would also love to be able to trigger workflows, build smart lists based on Products. (For example, if a contact is associated to a Deal with Product X, and the Deal Stage is "Closed Won", trigger an onboarding nurture series relevant to Product X.)

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Once I'm using products feature on Hubspot I assumed that filtering deals by product it will be a easy (and obvious) task - but no.


I have speciallized teams for each product, so it's very important for us to filter by product and also use as workflow trigger. 


THIS IS A MAJOR ISSUE FOR US. We don't want a million deal stages and we use the product object as a major filter for us when looking at our pipeline. PLEASE ADD THIS ASAP!!! 

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It's hard to believe this isn't supposed to be possible. But it really is so. We need this feauture too, please.

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Hi HubSpot,


Any update on this? I know that it's due to the object that deals were built on, but this would make the product's feature much more applicable to sales pipelines/ reporting. 


Has there been any movement?