Filter Deals by associated Products

Our Sales team would like to be able to filter Deals by Products related to the Deal.


Today we use (probably too many) Deal Stages/Pipelines to distinguish which product someone is interested in purchasing. This way of tracking products seems duplicative now that HubSpot has the Product object on Deals.


Ideally, Marketing would also love to be able to trigger workflows, build smart lists based on Products. (For example, if a contact is associated to a Deal with Product X, and the Deal Stage is "Closed Won", trigger an onboarding nurture series relevant to Product X.)

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 Hi Margo,


Can you talk a little more about filtering deals based on products? Can you tell me a story about how you invision it?



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YES!  This is "101".  Before the "Products" existed (we've been a user since CRM was in Beta), I had to create my own custom field for Products. We had about 7-8 products. The salespeople associated these to a Deal.  We indeed could then filter on these, do marketing workflows to them, etc.


Just today I moved our whole team over to using Hubspot "Products", after I set it up. Just ASSUMED this would be a filterable thing.  Can't go back now so I hope this gets changed.

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This would really help us as well. In order to track our sales I need to link all the deals that have not been linked to a product, so by filtering this the process would be a lot faster

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I need filter and export deals by-products. Time-to-time we need to check our pipeline by-products. Creating a pipeline by product name is not useful. 


Also, there is no column for products in the excel. When I export deals, I want to see which products they have. 

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 It's been about 9 months since the first post by @margo_northcutt on this.  Wondering if there's been any developments. We need to filter by products!  I manage a team and need to know (either by a filter view and/or a report):


Hubspot Deal Owner, Company, Product, Product Quantity


...for "Closed-Won" last month.

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Our team would like to start using the products feature on deals as well.


We're still investigating if this is a good option, but I already came across a few problems (mostly reporting limitations).


Would be very helpful if it is possible to filter deals based on their associated products (same goes for companies and contacts which are associated). It would be very nice if the products can be used like ordinary properties to filter, trigger workflows etc.


All the best,




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Yeah. Very nice issues to improve. Our team here would like the same. Thanks,

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I have also been asking for this.

For my team, we have different people working on different products within pipelines. I've been naming deals with the product name as a work around, but it would be nice if there was a product filter. I actually thought that was what the purpose of products was in the beginning. 

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I hope you will fast add the possibility to filter by product because without that, it's not usefull for us... :'(

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We are implementing the Sales-Tool for a new client right now and i was very surprised to see that it is'nt possible to filter for included products at the moment. 


Can someone tell how the progress is in this matter?