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Filter Deals by associated Products

Our Sales team would like to be able to filter Deals by Products related to the Deal.


Today we use (probably too many) Deal Stages/Pipelines to distinguish which product someone is interested in purchasing. This way of tracking products seems duplicative now that HubSpot has the Product object on Deals.


Ideally, Marketing would also love to be able to trigger workflows, build smart lists based on Products. (For example, if a contact is associated to a Deal with Product X, and the Deal Stage is "Closed Won", trigger an onboarding nurture series relevant to Product X.)

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It is very disappointing that there is no possibility to filter Deals by Products.  In my opinion, that is a pretty basic function, absolutely necessary for reporting and personalized marketing activities. Would be great to learn about workarounds or updates regarding this issue. 

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Please add this functionality! Working around it with custom properties leaves so much vulnerable to error and it's tough to maintain over time. This would make the handoffs between departments way more seamless and delight the customers even more!

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Yes, we need this very badly.

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I agree, we would really need to be able to export products as a column when filtering deals.

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Without the ability to filter deals based on associated products, export deals with their associated product info, and add/remove products via workflows the products feature is useless to us.

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Without this feature, products are pretty useless for any kind of quick sales reporting.

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Has anything changed? There's no point is using products if you cannot filter by them...

ehulstein New Contributor | Platinum Partner
New Contributor | Platinum Partner

Associated Product(s) is one of the most important pieces of information related to a deal. The inability to add Associated Products as a column in the table view of your Deals dashboard results in a key information gap when trying to create custom views for sales managers and reps. This forces sales teams to choose between using the Product Library, which provides reporting and the ability to create quotes, and a custom property. 

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This would be awesome so that we can filter by product so that we can tell how many clients have what product - which one we are loosing/winning the most to. It would also be great to be able to see start dates so that we know when things are coming up for renewal by start date.

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I believe you can just create a report to show the deal-to-product relationship (in a table view).

It would be nice to be able to see a deal's related products in the pipeline though.