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Filter Deals Based on Company Properties

It would be super helpful to have the Company properties carry over to the Deal when it comes to filtering an reporting. For example, if we're running a campaign and I have a property for leads (in the Company status), once those become Deals, there is no way to track that property any longer, outside of exporting mutliple views to Excel and using vlookups.


Please consider adding this to the expanding functionality of the CRM!



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Re: Filter Deals Based on Company Properties - changed to: In Planning
April 20, 2018 12:47 PM

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We absolutely need to filter sales pipelines by company property (e.g. parent company, country, state). Is this in progress Hubspot? Please!?

A spreadsheet currently gives us a better experience than the pipeline when we want to see a particular group of deals.


Hi all on this thread - the idea has been submitted here - add your Upvotes