Filter/Customize Data Displayed in Deal Timeline (e.g. emails to associated contacts)

I don't know if anyone else finds this but I have a real issue with the deals pulling in info from other deals and contracts that are not related to the deal but are related to company that the deal is associated to.


For example, I have a parent account ( my customer that pays me) that they have multiple contracts which are different companies around the country, that are their clients. We have to provide services to these companies (child accounts) on behalf of our client (the parent account)

When a new deal is created for a new site there are different contacts that we deal with for different areas of the UK. What I am finding is, in deals we am getting info, emails, notes, calls etc from every other deal that we are working on under our client (parent account) this is very confusing. A deal for a new child account has the time line chock full of info from other deals and contact correspondence which is irrelevant to the new deal, albeit from the associate parent company.  


Either I am using it wrong or it is how it is designed to be. To me, when Hubspot is so focused on making the user experience so clean and decluttered it is crazy that the deals should show so much irrelevant info. I am hoping that it is user error (me) and not a design issue.


I trust the above is clear and would like to know what could be done about this. 

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 Without being able to stop associated acitivity from related companies/contacts/deals displaying in a single deal renders hubspot completley useless for my sales team.  


They are unable to quickly see what is the last action/activity on a single deals is and have to spend thier time reading through acitivity that is not related to the deal.  This is leading to them not keeping the CRM updated as it frustrates them = CRM not working for us.


Please fix!


An option on a per deal or per company or per contact basis to hide associated activity would fix this.  Also a system wide setting to turn this off and then eaisly be able to toggle it on or off (like in would be great.



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I totally agree with this idea. Has anyone from Hubspot commented on adding this feature? And if so, have they provided any timeline for when it would be added?



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We have a similar issue - we have consultants (realtors, lenders, etc.) who could be associated with multiple deals and it pulls every email in, not just those generated with the primary contact and/or within the deal.

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The current functionality is unacceptable. Syncing should be only one way. If you are in a deal with an associated company and contact, the activities related to that specific deal should flow to the company and contact, not the other way. For companies that do multiple deals with the same company, which are totally unrelated, as in a manufacturer rep situation, this makes the product unusable. My client just converted from Pipedrive, which handles this properly, and is now seriously considering going back to Pipedrive because they have dozens of unrelated task history records in every deal. This is really, really bad.


I have the same issue. Unless using a combo of parent and child companies, the deals screen timeline is useless and confusing. Otherwise, great product. Keep it up!

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We have multiple pipelines set up currently, one for new system sales, one for service, one for training sales, etc... Our issue is that we want the deals to have relevant information only. Case in point, we have a customer that has about 4,000 employees and 30 locations. Their activity stream is significant. When we create a new deal for them it is immediately cluttered with irrelevant deals at other plants/locations. 


I would like to see an option to only include activitiy from the contacts that are attached to the deal.

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 There is an idea that is "In Planning" that is identical to this (link below). Head over there an upvote it.

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My sales person wants to kill me because all the info related to a particular contact or company associated with a deal is shown.


Please only show DEAL related info on the DEAL and not everything

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Having huge problem with described feature. We have partner company which brings us leads (new companies), and sales managers of the partner company are associated with several deals. Also, in case of upselling, we create deal for the existing customer company, and existing contacts, and new deal timeline gets filled by old (already closed) deal records. This is very confusing and frustrating, please add some feature for us to be able to associate records with specific deals!



definitely need this, and need the ability to associate multiple companies to the deal.  

For example. Often I will have a deal being worked by Reseller A (say CDWg), distributed by Distributor A (say Synnex), selling to School A (say LAUSD). My CDW contact list is over 450 records, my Synnex Contact list is over 200 records and LAUSD's contact list is over 60.  Makes the Deal timeline unusable without pinning last action to the top and therefore unmanagable