Filter/Customize Data Displayed in Deal Timeline (e.g. emails to associated contacts)

I don't know if anyone else finds this but I have a real issue with the deals pulling in info from other deals and contracts that are not related to the deal but are related to company that the deal is associated to.


For example, I have a parent account ( my customer that pays me) that they have multiple contracts which are different companies around the country, that are their clients. We have to provide services to these companies (child accounts) on behalf of our client (the parent account)

When a new deal is created for a new site there are different contacts that we deal with for different areas of the UK. What I am finding is, in deals we am getting info, emails, notes, calls etc from every other deal that we are working on under our client (parent account) this is very confusing. A deal for a new child account has the time line chock full of info from other deals and contact correspondence which is irrelevant to the new deal, albeit from the associate parent company.  


Either I am using it wrong or it is how it is designed to be. To me, when Hubspot is so focused on making the user experience so clean and decluttered it is crazy that the deals should show so much irrelevant info. I am hoping that it is user error (me) and not a design issue.


I trust the above is clear and would like to know what could be done about this. 

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I am trying Hubspot for my company and this is the only thing I miss...


The rest of the functions work really well.


It would be amazing to have it working soon!



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Another vote for this functionality.

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Another vote to ensure deals and email logging works better. 


If you use the Gsuite plugin it makes it impossible, unless you want to associate all emails against all deals. Ideally, like within HubSpot, the Gsuite plugin would have an option to associate a deal or a ticket but if this is not selected then it won't associate it against a deal or ticket. 


Due to the above issue, the Gsuite plugin becomes unless if you want to track things correctly within HubSpot. 


Overall if an email is logged it should really only be against the contact record and company not against specific things like deals and tickets. 

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The way this functionality shows up makes this aspecxt of Deals functionality essentially useless to my company as we work with a handful of companies and scope deals as new initiatives arise 

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
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The way timeline content from a deal's associated contacts and companies displays on the timeline was changed in November 2017:


Late last year we also introduced the ability to choose which timeline activity to associate with a deal upon the deal's creation. See this article ( for information about that.

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This is a major issue with me as well.  I have linked my colleagues to deals as well as we very much work collaboratively.  If every email exchanges goes to every deal, it completely defeats the purpose of keeping things organised.  There should be a way to have emails logged based on Deal ID as opposed to strictly contacts, if the Deal ID is listed in the Subject of the email.

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I should amend my previous entry to state that we use Outlook as an email platform.