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Filter Contacts by Note Keywords

From the Contacts page, it would be helpful if we could create a filter that searches notes for specific keywords and then populates the list of contacts that have notes on their record with that keyword or keywords.


For instance, if we create a note on a client's record for a specific Feature Request. From the contact's page, we can create a filter for notes with the keyword "Feature Request" or for example, a specific feature like "Send Bulk Message," and then generate a list of all contacts with a note on their record containing those keywords.

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I am trying to do this too!

No response from HubSpot on this yet?


There are certain things that you don't want to add specific properties to, so it would be wonderful to search notes and report on it or at least extract the data.


This would be extreamly helpful.


I would appreciate being able to search for words mentioned in the notes of our contact records. Today, you can only search across the name phone email and company name, which is not enough.


Our sales reps are capturing valuable product roadmap insight (without even realising it), and I would like to see, for example, how many people requested a certain feature (by word). Currently I can only search for this at the deal level.  I would like this to be possible at the Contact level too.


I think it would be great to just be able to search our contact columns using keywords (notes also would be excellent).  But for now the search is limited to name, email, company and phone