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Filling additional Ticket Properties when customers submit a ticket via chatflows

Hi Hubspot team,


We are using chatflows to allow our customers to submit a ticket via a bot, without chatting with a human support agent. Unfortunately, the current 'Submit a ticket' action is very limited.


Apart from editing the ticket name with the help of 'contact tokens', you cannot set any other ticket property except for the ticket description.


We would like to add additional ticket properties by asking follow-up questions to our users. For example, we could simply ask 'What is the category of your ticket?' and give them a number of options. We'd love to then set the ticket property 'Ticket Category' to a status based on their answer.


This could be extremely useful for many things. Here are some examples:
- Setting the Ticket category  (problem/feature request/general inquiry etc.)

- Knowing the Priority (high/med/low)

- Getting the URL (to show where a problem is occurring)

- See what agent needs to take this ticket (based on the category/priority)

- Automatically know what pipeline to use for this ticket (based on the ticket category)

- Any other custom ticket property 


Please see if you can add the functionality of setting a ticket property value, just as you've already built for setting contact and company properties. This would be an ideal solution.

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Great write up of the issue Stanz, there's another thread about this with a few more votes and a HubSpot employee that replied so hopefully it will get a product managers attetion if you upvote on that thread too.



I highly support the idea of expanding the chatbot ticket support features.

The bots should be able to collect any and all data that could populate exsisting ticket properties.


+1, being able to customize a chatbot ticket would be just the solution we need right now. All workarounds are too cumbersome.


This would be very helpful.  It takes 4 clicks plus scrolling to see the content of the whole chat, so being able to to populate fields in the ticket with customer responses would be extremely helpful.


Absolutely crucial for us as well. I can't understand why the chatbot is only connected with the contact properties and doesn't have a reference to the ticket properties. I am thinking about to create all necessary ticket properties in an own section in the contact and then copy them to the ticket through a workflow. But it's a lot of work and there is a risk of confusion when customers use the chatbot very often and the Hubspot system keeps copying content from one property to another.