File Upload restrict by type


When having customers upload a file, it would be beneficial to have the file types restricted.  For example, on a form for employment, we would like to restrict to only PDF files.  Reason being is that Office files, Word or Excel allow macros that can contain that execute on the workstation.  By only having PDF files, that would make our users safer, in that it lessens the possiblilty for virus' to be introduced into our systems.


There are many other scenarios where restricting the file upload type would be beneficial.

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This feature would be great!


I was also hoping to restrict certain file types from being uploaded via forms. Hope to see this as a new feature soon. 


I'd like to be able to restrict the file types a visitor can upload through the file upload field in HubSpot forms. The link sent by HubSpot auto-downloads the file to your computer.


I was able to upload a .exe file, which seems to be a significant security risk. I would think this could pose a risk to the HubSpot servers as well.

I'm actually quite surprised by this. Is there any chance HubSpot's developers will escalate this in the very near future?

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For anyone seeing this.  This "issue" has been closed, but not resolved.  HS decided to take a completely different approach, to a very simple problem.  ie, the "solution" is now worse than the problem they wanted to fix.