File Manager Video Replacement


I know that it's pretty easy to replace a PDF or Image, or document in the file manager.  you navigate to it, and click...and one of the options is to Replace it.

But with videos, that's not available.  I'm wondering why?


In this case, if we create a newer version of a video, I have to delete the old one, and upload a new one and then Navigate to ALL THE PLACES where the old video was linked and reconnect to the new video file.


Seems very redundant, as the smart folks at Hubspot already figured out how to make this really easy with all the other kinds of files that often are subject to being updated.

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YES, I 100% AGREE WITH YOU! We should be able to update/replace video files within HubSpot to avoid sending out additional emails to share the corrected version.


I really need this feature- I have used a vdeo in a Marketing email and need to update it.


There has to be way!